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Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference

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Donate To Our Clothing and Food Pantry

THE Sconiers Homeless Preventive Food Donation Drive at our different location sites: Clayton, Butts, Cobb, DeKalb, Henry, Fulton, South Fulton, City of Atlanta, Fayetteville, Fort Valley , Gwinnett & Rockdale County.  When you donate to Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization INC. 501c3 your tax-deductible contribution will help educate, empower, enrich more youth,  homeless/low-income families. This really helps foster opportunity and helps the community neighbors in need. Please tell your friends and families nationwide about this innovative project in Georgia. By donating to our project this another step in helping to diminish the cycle of poverty.  We accept year-round monthly contributions. 


Fresh Vegetable

 Thank you in advance for your contribution.  Traditional Or Virtual Food Drive items are accepted. Donated food/nationwide Gift Cards, a variety of fresh foods. Once consumed, donated food needs to be replaced with another donation of more food. Once consumed recurring produce donations replace it.

Donated food Introduces recipients to fresh vegetable garden sometimes may be the only source of fresh produce in some neighborhoods trucked in from all parts of the Boxed or frozen meats, canned processed food provided. All fresh food is accepted.  




Donated money/ Credit Card Vouchers.

Donated babies supplies.
Donated personal hygiene’s kits.

Socks, T-Shirts, Pajamas's, Clothes, Shoes.

Furniture, Household Appliances (working)

A charitable donation receipt is always provided for a tax deduction.

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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